The protagonists of Prologue.

Prologue’s dynamic team of fully bilingual individuals fuse leading-edge research, training and expertise with solid experience and passion to untangle the most nuanced and complex organizational issues.

  • Chantal Boutin

    Strategic and Adaptive Change Consultant

    With more than 15 years’ experience as an executive CPA-CGA, Chantal holds a BA in business administration from HEC Montréal, a Certified General Accountant (CGA) designation and an MA in Organizational Development from Concordia University.

    Her ongoing learning and research is fuelled by a fascination in large scale complex change and how simple, purposeful action can translate into significant organizational transformation. Her work with senior leaders and as an Adaptive Change content expert at Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) has ignited a passion in the growing worldwide interest of Public Service innovation.

    As a strategic advisor, Chantal provides new perspectives and expanded options for understanding and action. She focuses on the work, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and development. She helps build sustainability throughout an organization, as well as shared meaning and trust.

  • Jean-Philippe Bouchard

    Coach and Consultant, Team and Leadership Development

    Jean-Philippe Bouchard has been a consultant in organizational development since 1996, specializing in leadership development and the improvement of work teams.

    He holds a BA in Business Administration from HEC Montréal, an MA in Organizational Development from Concordia University, certifications in Integral Coaching and 360˚ Evaluation, and is a certified NonViolent Communication facilitator.

    With clients medium- and larged-sized from the private and public sectors, Jean-Philippe trains and coaches managers at all levels on leadership, interpersonal communication, psychological harassment, conflict management and work team performance. His approach is based on active learning, in-depth work and rigorous concept explanation.

    As a coach and facilitator, Jean-Philippe ensures that he creates the space for authentic, meaningful dialogue, fostering trust and creativity. He believes that building an organization’s capacity for collaboration creates a strong foundation for enhanced learning and aligned action.

  • Ian Creery

    Organization Development and Change Consultant

    Ian is an Organization Development consultant with broad-based experience at senior levels in the private and public sectors. He uses strong problem-solving and facilitation skills to help executive and senior management teams improve their effectiveness in leading change in their organizations. A particular interest is in delivering change project results by integrating the need to produce deliverables with a concern for the “people side” of change. Ian helps organizations develop their own capacity to manage change effectively, sometimes by setting up and training internal consultants. He has operated in cross-cultural environments with good results.

    Ian's current interest is in exploring the next generation of change management concepts, tools and methods, using the most appropriate concept of adaptive change and increasing organizational adaptive capacity. He is currently working with the Human Systems Dynamics Institute to further develop tools and methods that are more useful than traditional change management in an environment of increasing complexity, instability and emergence. Ian has pioneered the use of these tools and methods in the federal public service with senior management teams, and as a set of learning interventions to help managers problem solve.

  • Patricia Iacono

    Performance Management and Complex Problem Solving Specialist

    With more than 15 years’ experience in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations, Patricia Iacono holds a BA in Translation from Université de Montréal, a Human Resources Management Certificate from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and a Graduate Diploma in Conflict Prevention and Resolution with Sherbrooke University. She has recently received the title of Certified Mediator (IMAQ).

    Working in both the public and private sectors, Patricia has developed expertise in implementing Human Resources processes while taking into consideration an organization’s needs. Her experience in negotiation and conflict management sparked a passion for alternative dispute resolution and has led her to pursue her career as a mediator.

    As a consultant, Patricia strives to provide a comprehensive and targeted approach to Human Resources management. She is committed to supporting Managers in undertaking challenges in the workplace such as performance management, psychological harassment and complex problem solving.

  • Valérie Lanctot-Bédard

    Mediator, Coach and in Collective Resilience Consultant

    Valérie Lanctot-Bédard holds an MA in Conflict Prevention and Resolution (LL.M.-PRD) from Sherbrooke University, is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and is ICF-accredited in transformational coaching. She is a certification assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication and an Insights Discovery licensed practitioner.

    As a consultant, coach and trainer, Valérie addresses all facets of communication skills, addressing feedback, difficult conversations, effective meetings, civility at work and psychological harassment, group conflict, and leadership transitions.

    She is skilled at creating spaces that foster mutual understanding and build trust, respect, and new possibilities. Her focus on self-awareness, self-responsibility, and dialogue skills develops the capacity within organizations to leverage synergy to achieve common goals.

    Valérie is deeply committed to enhancing personal and collective resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks. She is devoted to transformation, authenticity, meaningful living and rewarding relationships. Valérie is currently working towards accreditation in Mindfulness, and pursuing her interests in neuroscience and neuroplasticity.

  • Karen Letwinka

    Facilitator and Practitioner, Lumina Spark

    As a facilitator, Karen combines a passion for learning and sharing new skills with a gracious and humanistic approach. For more than twenty years, she has organized and co-ordinated large-scale projects and facilitated small to large groups of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

    Karen holds a Bachelor of Science in Language (BScL). For the past five years, she has studied Compassionate Communication and undertaken their Train-the-Trainer program. This practice, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication (NVC), focuses on deep, empathic listening – to both ourselves and others. Its simplicity is powerfully transformative, encouraging relationships that are based in collaboration and that facilitate solutions for all. Most recently, Karen has received certification in Lumina Spark, an innovative psychometric assessment tool, one of a suite of next generation resources offered by Lumina Learning which promotes self-understanding and provides skills to improve personal and professional relationships.

    Karen has been an entrepreneur, account executive, musician and community volunteer. She brings a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm to every project, seeks to establish good rapport with colleagues and clients and works collaboratively to achieve optimal results. Her creativity, drive and empathy ensure that individuals increase their self-awareness with practical development to assess and improve their skill and competency in communication, teamwork and leadership.

  • Madeleine Mcbrearty, Ph.D., PCC, CMC

    Professional coach, educator and facilitator

    Madeleine is a fully bilingual (English and French) professional coach, educator and facilitator with a strong background in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Her professional focus is on leadership development and employee engagement. Her extensive experience is rooted in her involvement with individuals and teams within diverse organizations since the 1990’s.
    With a strong foundation in adult learning, Madeleine has been extensively involved in creating, designing and delivering trainings to improve individual and organizational wellness. Values embedded in her work are collaboration, promoting self-agency, and a deep appreciation for all aspects of diversity. In all she does, Madeleine brings an intentional emphasis on enhancing emotional intelligence. Her preferred approach is to partner with clients to identify strengths and leverage resources to maximize positive change in their professional and personal life.

    Dr Mcbrearty is co-author of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (3rd ed. Human Kinetics, 2018). She received her doctorate (promoting personal change) and her master’s degrees (organizational effectiveness and Judaic studies) from Concordia University. She is currently a faculty member in the Professional and Personal Coach Certificate (PPCC) programs at Concordia University where she also teaches in the areas of leadership skills development. Madeleine has obtained a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation. She is also a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) and a Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach. As a practitioner, she can administer the MBTI personality inventory, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode instrument and the Firo-B assessment of interpersonal needs.

  • Manuela Petersen

    Facilitator, Organizational Development & Process Consultant

    Manuela Petersen has a passion for designing and facilitating participatory learning that encourages positive organizational change and capacity development. She specializes in organizational development, evaluation, multi-stakeholder processes, intercultural effectiveness and inclusion, and project and volunteer management. Her work has enabled her to work with youth, educators, military personnel, activists, government officials, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector both across Canada and Internationally.

    Manuela has recently returned from Nigeria and Ghana where she worked with staff and partner organizations to implement systems and trainings on how to increase volunteer management effectiveness.

    Valuing lifelong learning, Manuela has recently completed her MA in Human Systems Intervention (HSI) from Concordia University.

  • Lehna Schmidt

    Facilitator and project management

    Lehna Schmidt’s contribution to Prologue include facilitation, coaching circles, psychometrics, and project management. Lehna is an undergraduate student in psychology at the University of Ottawa and has experience working for the federal public service. She is trained in the method of NonViolent Communication (NVC) and certified for facilitation of coaching circles with the Association québécoise de codéveloppement professionnelle (AQCP).

    Lehna is deeply interested in the science of human connections, group dynamics, and systemic elements of human behaviour. She is well-versed in inclusion in the workplace and its influence on individuals, teams, and organizational culture, and offers an experience in disabilities and accessibility. Lehna is fluently bilingual and offers services in both languages.